This is the first post of the rest of my life.

This is the obligatory first post for my blog.  I’ve had dozens of blogs and I’ve let them all wither, so I’m going to be sharing this one because it is important to me.  On this blog, I’ll share my health and fitness progress as I seek to be fit so I can do all the things on my bucket list (and add to it!)  I’ve had my current list for about 3 years, and I’ve managed to reach several of the goals I set for myself.  I plan on making a post for each of those to document my progress on the life list.  Some are more interesting than others, but I’ve got words and pictures to share!  Be thrilled by my adventures in crochet!  Gasp at my audacity in Vogon poetry!  Feel the excitement as I try to build the ultimate tree house!  More to come…

What has prompted me to start blogging anew is my recent introduction to Beachbody products (Shakeology and Power 90, specifically) and the renewed energy I’ve felt.  I signed up to be a coach because of the discount, plus the idea of helping others to meet their fitness goals is wonderful to me.  I taught Zumba for 1.5 years because I wanted to offer others the fun and freedom I felt while dancing to fitness.  I’ve since moved on due to my schedule, but Zumba is still going in my town, and for that I’m very thankful.  I want to somehow continue on helping others–and myself –be healthier and feel better.  Right now, Power 90 workouts six days a week and a breakfast of a Shakeology smoothie are really helping me to feel better.  I have some serious fitness goals, and I know that blogging about them will hold me accountable.

So, stay tuned.  This is not just a sales blog or a personal blog. While I share my stories and progress, I hope others who read these pages will share their own journeys and triumphs.  I love blogging and Facebook and Twitter for the community they inspire, and I hope this to be a place of community.  If you are interested in Beachbody, by all means visit my site  But even if you aren’t, I hope you enjoy my blog.



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