Bucket Listing and Bucket Filling

I think most are familiar with the idea of a “bucket list”–things you want to do before you kick the proverbial bucket. A movie from a few years ago, “The Bucket List,” popularized the phrase.

Not exactly due to the movie, but from other inspiration, I decided to make my own “bucket list” about three years ago. It has been very useful to me to keep me motivated and I even like to see if I can stack my bucket items–for instance, I wanted to go to a Con and meet Terry Pratchett, so I managed to do both at the same time by going to the North American Discworld Convention last summer. (I’ll post more on that later, because it was lots of fun!).

A lot of my goals either have directly to do with fitness (like running a 5K, wearing a bikini, or taking an extended hike), and a lot of the goals just require me to feel good if I’m going to get around to all of them! So, that was the inspiration for this blog and my Facebook site.

I’ve always thought of completing a bucket list item as “putting it in my life bucket”–collecting the memory and the experience. I found out the “bucket filling” is an initiative in many schools. In fact, the local middle school  near where I take my daughter to preschool has “Welcome, Bucket Fillers!” on the outdoor announcement sign, and it’s apparently a widespread movement. According to the FAQ on Bucket Fillers.com, the bucket represents the emotional and mental self. “Bucket Filling” is saying a kind word or doing a kind deed. Likewise, a kindness to you fills your own bucket. “Bucket dipping,” on the other hand, is taking away from someone’s bucket by an unkindness or harsh word.

So, in my quest to meet my own goals and fill my bucket with life experiences, I hope that I can be not only a bucket lister, but a bucket filler. I want to help others have a filled-up bucket! I think that this blog is for me to talk about both. :


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