Postponing morning workout = morning fail

This morning was awful. Even though I was up early, Joe decided we should work out tonight after work because he didn’t sleep well and we were both a little sore. So, I had coffee, and then tried to get ready and confused chaos reigned. Everything was a mess, I couldn’t get myself in gear, Joe was slow-moving, and Sophie, sensing our tiredness, decided today was good morning to cry about everything. Frustration, grumpiness….ugh.

I did NOT realize how much working out first thing in the morning was helping me focus. I don’t do mornings–never have. Even with coffee, I’m half asleep and constantly forgetting where I put the hairbrush, where my bag is, or to pack my lunch. I knew the workouts were making me more awake, but I didn’t realize they were helping me just overall function better in the morning.

So, we’ll catch-up tonight, and then tomorrow morning, no matter how tempting it is to sleep a little later or snuggle under the covers, I’m making sure we press play on the DVD player. I’ve made it public now. 🙂


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