September Madness

September is always my crunch month.  I work in data and research at a college, and many of our major deadlines are in September or early October.  It’s back to school time for everybody, Kindergarten to PhD, and the world just seems a little crazy in general!  My daughter started pre-school this year, too, so our almost-Fall mornings are pretty busy.

I am so proud that Joe and I have committed to doing the 90-day Power 90 challenge, even with all that’s going on.  We just finished Week Four, and it’s amazing how much better we feel. It’s hard to get up an hour earlier in the morning, but the one day that we bumped our workout to the evening we really missed it.  The day just goes better for us both if we fit it in in the morning.  We’re also loving having our Shakeology shakes every morning.  As a matter of fact, we depleted our supply and are awaiting the new shipment.  It’s crazy how much we miss it!  For me, it’s my multi-vitamin and my breakfast, and it’s low-glycemic index, so I don’t get a hideous mid-morning blood sugar plunge.  It’s not magical unicorns, but pretty close!  I don’t think it’s going to cure all my ailments or turn my hair back from it’s graying state, but it’s a very logical, do-able part of a fitness plan for me.

I feel strange talking about workouts and health shakes.  I’ve always been interested in fitness (if not always fit), and I loved my time teaching Zumba, but this is new–writing about fitness publicly and challenging myself to blog my journey and post my results.  I’m having fun with it, though, so that is great.  The best thing about my Beachbody journey so far, though, is how much better my husband feels joining in and how much he is, in turn, motivating me.  We’ve been married for 10 years, and he’s never been very interested in working out regularly.  He was an athlete in school and I think got tired of all the regimented activity.  Also, he has a bad back and ankle, so it’s been tough for him to find something that works.  Power 90 has been almost perfect–it’s challenging, but not insane, and he can modify the parts that tweak his back.  And we’re getting stronger; I know we can do P90X in November.

So, anyway.  Happy September.  I’ve got lots of work and writing and working out to do!  And some bucketlisting, too.



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